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TOXX1 is an extremely short bad trip like experience

You take control of a drugged man in prison and you have to get to Sector 0

Good luck.


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Hope you're doing well! First game in the video - nearly named the whole thing 3 weird games!

You definitely have a unique imagination to come up with that game haha...but it's meant to be a bad trip so it was spot on! Well done.

Check out my video.

Yeah, I wanted to make a game which when you explain it to your friends they look at you funny.
Thank you very much for the gameplay! :)
Maybe I'll make TOXX2 some day, who knows


you know what, it was just that weird I'd probably play it 😂 


Gave someone their kidney back and ascended to a higher realm (Gameplay at 14:27)


I've heard of bad trips, and to be genuinely honest, this game hits that nail so hard that you have to do second guess whether or not you've taken actual drugs.

TOXX1 is an escape game where you are given almost no information or direction except for escaping your cell. Once you figure out that the interaction button is E, you're able to go on a mighty quest which involves digging in a poop bucket, finding money to buy a gun, and retrieving your next door cellmate's kidney in order to escape captivity. There isn't much more to say about the game; yes, this is the story of the game; yes, this makes as much sense read as it did playing the actual game.

The game felt genuinely fun to play, but it could benefit from two things:

- Allow the player to be able to adjust the mouse sensitivity
- Tell the player that the interaction button is E

All in all, this is usually where I write a nice outro paragraph neatly tying in the good and bad of this game, but instead, just go play this game and enjoy the wtf trip that is TOXX1

My playthrough:


Hey, awesome game. Legitimately creepy and also funny. I was expecting it be longer with that life bar, expected to run past an army of those patrollers. Enjoyed it, thanks!

Thanks for the video!


Отличная игра

I will be playing this live 5/26 around 7:00 EST on Twitch =D.


You better gather more games though, because this one is really, REALLY short


great jobs

We meet again, Queen Faith - hello!
I'm glad you liked this game too

:P again and again :P


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This was an interesting horror game about being in a prison and trying to get to Sector 0 somehow. The game was pretty interesting where I faced difficulty in trying to figure out what to do at the start of the game before realising the what to do later on in the game. I found the game to be quite trippy when I saw the floating duck XD and the task given to me by the red prison mate. I only realised what the game is about when I saw the shrooms and the key message at the end of the game (It was definitely surprising and funny to see that at the end XD). Definitely a cool horror game with a good and important message to everyone. Would be cool if there were more things to do in the game though to prolong the experience.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.


Thank you!
This one was intentionally short, but you can also check my other stuff :>

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Funny, weird and oddly satisfying! 
This was one of those games, which did not took itself seriously and the overall positive message was perfect to me. 
Great Job developer! 
Edit: I enjoyed the duck design 😁👌


I wanted this game to feel creepy and funny at the same time and I'm really glad that it gave you a laugh 


love your game thank you :):):)

Thank you for the let's play!