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DARK LORD'S MAZE is a 3D dungeon crawler made in 8-bit style.

Jump right into this colorful, pixelated world full of traps, enemies and different environmental hazards and enjoy a true classic gaming experience, fueled by the sounds of Commodore 64's SID and a fair amount of difficulty! 

This game features:

- 9 challenging levels - every one with it's unique music track,

- 6 different weapons - 3 types of melee, 3 types of shooting weapons - including 1 using projectiles,

- 11 enemy types,

- 3 boss fights,

- Basic RPG mechanics like gaining XP (by defeating enemies, which increases attack and defense of our character),

- Traps, potions, power-ups, switches, environmental hazards, secrets and teleports,

- Blocked paths unlocked by switches or smashing doors, slashing bushes or killing certain enemies,

- Ton of fun!

Compatible with XInput controllers.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Dark Lord's Maze 1.3.1.zip

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(This has been edited to be a review of v1.2)

I came into this game not really sure of what to expect; it looks like a retro screensaver, and an old school maze game that would be fun to pass the time.

The game's story is pretty simple: you're on your way to slay the Dark Lord, and everything in his castle is trying to stop you. You have a wide array of enemies; from bats to skeletons, ghosts and other creatures, you fight your way through small enemies and bosses to reach your final destination. This game has a nice blend of RPG elements as well as puzzles and traps that'll keep you on your toes.

Since the release of v1.2, massive overhauls like the addition of a mini-map and crosshair have made the game extremely enjoyable to play as you can navigate from room to room, have a better grasp on finding secrets, and be able to traverse tight walking sections with a lot more reliability (though this definitely doesn't make the tight walks any easier!). Although the control scheme does make this game awkward to get used to at first (more on a good way to play this in a second), the game now presents itself as both a fair and difficult challenge as you have good gauges towards enemy hitboxes and tile coordination; bosses are also now less frustrating because of this.

While the controls can feel really weird to deal with, here is the best way to get a feel for them right from the start:

- Don't focus on up/down camera movement; there are very few sections where you will need to move the camera down (during tight walks), and only one section where you have to move the camera up (no spoilers)

- Use shift (run) and ctrl (attack) with you left hand; for most people, the way the controls are setup will be foreign, so having one hand for movement and one for attack will help better coordinate your mind

- Turn on the mini-map (m) and have the crosshair on (c). While the mini-map does feel more of an optional choice, it'll help locate secrets easier and doesnt take up any real space, and having the crosshair on will help acclimate you to how hitboxes work in this game (they work, it's just really hard to feel them without the crosshair) 

- Take a deep breath; this entire game is beatable without taking any other armor upgrades as long as you play it slow, turn corners cautiously, and learn enemy movements, so you can beat it the intended way with enough patience

- Make sure to defeat every enemy in the game as doing so ensures you level up (this one is extremely important)

- All levels are beatable, some just have gimmicks

- Strafing is really only important to line up shots with ranged weapons

I want to emphasize that I in no way am sponsored or paid to test the game, nor do I know Voxelvoid in any way; this critique was made purely out of a desire to help the game dev update the game (if it is still going to be updated) or help with future endeavors, and these are purely my feelings having played through the game. Thank you to Voxelvoid for releasing this, as I can genuinely say there were parts that I enjoyed myself

All in all, this game feels like a nostalgia trip that would definitely have a following for it's artistic and stylistic choices, as well as it's difficulty. If you do download this game, I recommend sticking it out, remember to kill every enemy you come across, and breath. You can get through the Dark Lord's Maze :)

My Playthrough (v1.1; v1.2 fixes all the issues that I addressed in this playthrough):




This game is sick but i cant pull the game from one screen to another :/ i cant wait to see speedruns :)

Thanks! I also wait for some videos of it :)

will you ever allow players to move the game window :/

There was a windowed build a couple of versions ago, but it was pretty tiny, so I don't know about that


its ok bro i fixed it <3 :)


is the fire trap even possible to beat?

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Every trap and every level is possible to beat

You have to kill all the bats, have max health after leveling up, pickup the armor from a chest and go for the key


This game works perfectly fine under Manjaro KDE GNU+Linux using WINE. Thanks!

I wasn't expecting such comment, but yeah, good to know!


Brilliant! ❤️




Thank you, kind sir!


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Thanks for the gameplay!

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Really neat game, so much nostalgia haha. Been a while since I've played a good, old-fashioned dungeon crawler! Plus, the more exposure Godot gets, the better IMO!

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Thank you! I am glad you like it :) Did you beat the whole game? It get's pretty intense after level 5


I haven't yet (just did a quick try before bed) but I'll definitely be trying to beat it in the near future! :)